Add On Material Clips


  • Gives greater height for materials i.e. feathers, dubbing, thread, etc.
  • Locks in position on upright and rotary vises
  • Easily adjusted
  • Barracuda Add-On fits all Rotary Vises (excluding the Side-Winder)
  • Locates anywhere on 3/8” Spindle of a Rotary Vise
  • Tighten the Material Clip onto the rotary Spindle, with the wrench included, until it fit’s snug.

Instructions for installing on the Barracuda Junior:

  • Just snap the small piece onto the smaller diameter spindle of your Junior vise then fit the Material Clip over.

PAV ADD-ON PAV Material Clip locates anywhere on ½” diameter vise body. The PAV Material Clip fits the following vises-Prince, Aristocrat, Voyager, Voyager II, Squire & X-1.

PRO ADD-ON PRO Material Clip locates anywhere on 5/8” diameter vise body. The PRO Material Clip fits the following vises-Professional, Supreme, Ergonomic Supreme and Monarch.

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