Cement Reservoir

  • The Dyna-King Cement Reservoir is designed to give you a lifetime of service while preventing unnecessary evaporation and all but eliminating nasty spills.
  • Machined of solid aluminum with a heavy duty base for stability to help prevent spills.
  • Air tight seal
  • No caps to unscrew To begin using the reservoir, rotate the bodkin applicator between your thumb & forefinger, thus breaking the seal between the o-ring & the reservoir cap. Giving the bodkin a slight twist will ease removal from the cap. Lightly press downward on the bodkin after use, to engage the reservoir seal.


  • From time to time it will be necessary to clean the reservoir by brushing thoroughly with acetone, or other “thinner”, to remove dried adhesive build up.
  • After cleaning it is important that a coat of light grease, such as petroleum jelly, is applied to the two o-rings, as well as the cap threads and any other surfaces that come in contact with one another. This will greatly reduce cement adhesion between reservoir components.
  • Dyna-King recommends using a water based head cement to prevent excessive o-ring corrosion.

Should you need replacement o-rings please contact our office, we would be more than happy to assist you.


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