1302292637_3D clampbases
1302292637_3D clampbasesCLAMP BASESSM AND ULT CLAMP PIC

Clamp Base

MSRP: $91.00$148.00

Clamps are a must have accessory for any Dyna-King vise. A simple & easy conversion from pedestal to clamp turns your heavy weight pedestal model vise into a light weight, portable, take anywhere vise. Dyna-King Clamps are machined of solid aluminum and accommodate a 3/8″ diameter vise Shaft.

A 9″ stainless steel 3/8″ diameter Shaft can be purchased separately, must signify the model vise when ordering the shaft!

Large Clamp with Outrigger 

  • Recommended for all full size rotary vises, includes removable outrigger to create stability while tying with a heavy hand.

Large Clamp

  • Recommended for the Supreme, Professional, Tube-Fly 2002, Aristocrat and Prince model vises.

Small Clamp with Outrigger

  • Recommended for the Barracuda Junior and Trekker Rotary vises. Includes removable outrigger to create stability while tying with a heavy hand.

Small Clamp

  • Recommended for the Squire, Kingfisher, Voyager II and Voyager. Stainless steel shaft included for the Squire, Kingfisher & Voyager II vises.
  • Clamps for the Kingfisher feature a Delrin set collar and black thumb screw. Important: when ordering a longer shaft to signify the model vise.



  • Clamps for the Trekker and Kingfisher feature a Delrin set collar and black cap Thumb Screw with steel threads.
  • Clamps for the Barracuda Deluxe, Indexer, Ultimate Indexer, Tube-Fly 2002 & Voyager II model vises feature a Brass Set Collar and Thumb Screw.
  • All other Clamps will feature a stainless steel Set Collar and Thumb Screw. Standard Voyager model vises do not feature a removable shaft.
  • The Kingfisher vise uses a bent shaft for 30 degree angle. A straight shaft would make the Kingfisher vise horizontal.
  •  Pictured from Left to right- Large clamp, Large clamp w/Outrigger, Small Clamp, Small Clamp w/Outrigger.
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