Ergonomic Supreme


Recent trends in fly fishing are creating new demands in both fly construction and on the tools used to fabricate some of the truly colossal piscatorial patterns currently in use for luring such oceanic game as marlin, sailfish and other larger denizens of the open seas. A world record was established for black marlin using a fly 22 inches in length. Tying a fly of such dimension can be greatly facilitated by having tools designed specifically for the fabrication of these bait fish imitators.

The “ERGONOMIC SUPREME”, designed by Ron Abby, and being offered by Dyna-King, offers exceptional access and the ability to be readily manipulated for position and attitude to aid those constructing these monster flies. By adding extra length to both the vise body and to the hook-holding jaws, the “ERGONOMIC SUPREME” utilizes all the great features of the renowned “SUPREME” fly-tying vise.

Available in either clamp or pedestal model.

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