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Dyna-King offers two types of Jaws, Standard and Midge Jaws. All Dyna-King vises come with Standard Jaws installed, unless specified when ordering your vise. Standard Jaws have two grooves for hook placement as well as a serrated tip for holding smaller hooks. Large hooks should be held in the rear groove, medium hooks are best held in the groove closest to the Jaw tips. Smaller hooks should be held in the Jaw tips. Standard Jaws will accommodate hook sizes 24-8/0. Midge Jaws are serrated and without grooves. Midge jaws have a narrower tip and will hold hooks from 10 down to a size 32. The Ergonomic Supreme and Side-Winder vise each has their own specific sized Jaws. Standard and Midge Jaws available for both.

Sizing for our Jaws is as Follows:

  • BARR or Barracuda Jaw: Fits all Rotary vises including- Barracuda, Barracuda Junior, Barracuda Deluxe, Indexer, Ultimate Indexer, Ron Abby Signature & Trekker as well as our Kingfisher vise. Standard and Midge Jaws available.
  • PRO or Professional Jaw: Fits our larger sized conventional vises including- Professional, Supreme & Monarch vises. Standard and Midge Jaws Available.
  • PAV or Squire Jaw: Fits our smaller sized conventional vises including-Prince, Aristocrat, Voyager, Voyager II, Squire & X-1. Standard and Midge Jaws available.


Should you experience your Jaws sticking, please remove your Jaw and Forcing Cone and clean all build up and debris from your Jaw and Forcing Cone and re-grease both components. Replace your Jaw and test for sticking. If your Jaws continue to stick you may have a worn our Forcing Cone that needs to be replaced. If you think you may need a new Forcing Cone call our office and specify your vise model so we may send you a replacement Forcing Cone.


Simply remove the Forcing Cone by lifting up (pressing down if you have a rotary vise) on the Cam Handle, so that the Jaws will be open, and then unscrew the Forcing Cone. The Jaw will pull straight out, so you may replace it with a new set. At this point you may want to wipe the inside of the Forcing Cone with a cloth to remove any build up, then re-lube with a light grease. We recommend a marine boat grease, available at your local auto parts store, or even petroleum jelly will do fine. Then screw your Forcing Cone back on and you’ll be ready to tie! IT IS IMPORTANT TO NEVER ADJUST THE FORCING CONE WHILE THE JAWS ARE CLOSED. THIS MAY CAUSE YOUR JAWS TO LOCK CLOSED & WILL CAUSE UNNECESSARY WEAR ON YOUR FORCING CONE & CAM HANDLE.

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