Mark Patenaude

Mark was born and raised in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts and this is where he honed his fly fishing skills.  He purchased his first fly rod around the age of twelve and after catching his first trout, he knew immediately that he would dedicated himself to all aspects of the sport.  "I am blessed to have been raised near some of the best trout water in New England and learned how to fish both freestone rivers and tail waters, which very greatly in terms of technique, and this helped to round out my adaptability on these very different types of water."

Mark is also a self taught fly tyer and began this aspect of the sport in 1992.  He is a currently the owner of ProTye Fly Tying, and a pro-staff member for a number of fly fishing and fly tying companies.  Additionally, his fly tying work was sought after and is now included in the Masters Fly Collection for the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum.  This collection is comprised of fly patterns of approximately 400 fly tyers from around the world and includes virtually all of the greatest fly tyers of both the past and present.

Finally, in addition to being a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers, and Trout Unlimited, Mark is a very strong supporter of catch and release fly fishing, the use of barbless hooks, and use of the proper ethics and etiquette while on the water.  Mark also supports a number of charitable organizations that have a focus on using fly fishing as a way to heal the mind and body, and does this through donations of large numbers of flies for use by the various organization's.

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