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Classic Anglers, the premier designer and manufacturer of synthetic fishing flies, has entered the market again.

Kate Howe:

An avid angler for over thirty years, Kate Howe is a highly regarded fly fisher and fly tier. She received her first fly rod at age nine; “It was a gift from my mother, she started my fishing career off early. She had me on the pier as soon as I could stay propped up in a grocery box, and I have been fishing ever since”.

Growing up between the San Francisco bay area and the Eastern Sierras her angling education was diverse. Many years in this industry in wholesale and retail sales, recreational fisheries management and working as a licensed guide in Idaho, Nevada and California rounds out this fishers education.

Having been fortunate enough to have had the chance to travel extensively, she has fished Scotland, England, Japan, Hawaii, Mexico and the Midwestern, and Western United States from southern California to Alaska. Recently she became one of the few women in the world to land stripped marlin on the fly rod with a 112lb’er as a I.G.F.A 5 to 1 club title.

Kate is a very creative fly tier with several commercially marketed salt water patterns to her name. She has been featured a Master Fly Tier for The International Sportsmen’s Expositions for many years and guest tier at Federation of Fly Fishers conclaves throughout the west.

Bill Howe:

Bill Howe is a consummate fly fisherman with over forty years of angling experience in both fresh and salt water. His fishing travels have taken him from the Bering Straits of Alaska to Mexico’s Ascension Bay. Inland to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and back to the Pacific coast of California, Mexico and Hawaii, to pursue his passion in the salt.

A gifted fly tier and designer, many of Bill’s patterns have been responsible for both salt and fresh water I.G.F.A. records. He also is an I.G.F.A. world record holder in his own rite with a current fly rod record for Pacific Bonito.

Bill has spent many years teaching fly fishing and fly tying, as a guide, lecturer, instructor and Master Fly Tier for Ed Rice’s International sportsmen’s Expos. and F.F.F. conclaves. Over the years he has guided in several prime locations such as Silver Creek, the Bitterroot, Beaverhead, the Musselshell, the Yellowstone, the Green, the Owens, East Walker and many more, to live and work and learn the rivers. Three years in British Columbia fishing and guiding rounds out this impressive education.

He is a thoughtful and patient teacher who loves his sport as a vocation and has the important skills necessary to catch fish under any circumstances. The tips and skills, in both salt and fresh water fishing, that you hear and develop with Bill at your side will mean a lifetime of success in pursuit of fly rod game fish.

After leaving the fly fishing industry in 2001for other pursuits, Kate and her husband Bill have now re-opened their fly tying business in Winnemucca, Nevada. They are also outdoor writers with several published pieces in California Fly Fisher Magazine. Their fly patterns may be seen in several books such as BLUEWATER FLY FISHING by Trey Combs, FLY FISHING FOR BONEFISH by Dick Brown, SALTWATER FLIES: 700 OF THE BEST by Deke Meyer. They have been included in many magazine articles by writers such as Nick Curcione, Dan Blanton, Tony Oswald, Dan Byford, John McKim and others.. Other writings and patterns are included in “Flyfisher’s Guide to Northern California” by Seth Norman and “Innovative Saltwater Flies” by Bob Veverka.

The Howes are expert in the construction and design of completely synthetic salt and fresh water fly patterns and their ALF (anchovy looking fly) and F.P.F (flashy profile fly) have gained international appeal over the years as a standard in synthetic fly design.

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