Niclas Runarsson

Barracuda Junior

I bought my first Dyna-King vise in 2007. It was a Barracuda Junior, which today has been replaced with an Ultimate Indexer. A couple of years later I also bought a Supreme. With the Ultimate Indexer there I didn’t really feel that something was missing in my tying room. But since there aren’t many Dyna-King dealers here in Sweden, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have also a conventional model for viewing when tying at shows. However, today I probably use the Supreme as much as I use the Ultimate Indexer. I can’t keep from laughing when thinking back on what I said to myself after having bought my very first true rotary vise: “Never a conventional vise again.” But with the right one in my hands, it obviously didn’t take me long to change my opinion on that one.

Both of these give me everything I want from a vise, most importantly the ability to not having to think about it when tying. They are comfortable, they do what I want them to do… and I can concentrate on tying my flies without the vise cutting in as an issue of irritation.

My name is Niclas “Nick” Runarsson and I live in Söderhamn, which is a small town on the east coast of Sweden. My passions, beside my family, are fly-tying and fly-fishing. I started fly-fishing when I was 12 years old but only a few years later it was put aside again, when other teenage interests took over. It took until I was 33 for this fishing interest to wake up from its hibernation and the stuff to get dug up from the basement. Over the internet I met a group of people who gave me great help, not only to get me back on my feet but also to quickly move on forward. Today I’m on the Dyna-King pro staff and aside of various domestic fairs and other public events, I have also tied in USA, the Netherlands and Finland.

What do I want to say with this? Well, if you have tying questions today, just join a couple of the internet forums and the answers will be just minutes away. There is no reason to get held up somewhere on your way when there are crowds of people waiting for to help you get past the obstacles.

The primary part of my fishing takes place in the local put-and-take waters where I fish for browns and rainbow trouts. I only get a few chances a year for fishing in my favourite enviroment, which is in streams… inhabiting the kind of fish that isn’t used to scheduled meals on silver plate. I rather catch one fish that I believe takes my fly for food that life has taught it to look for… than three which might take anything in their way, without even be familiar with it. Catching one of these wild ones gives me a better feeling of verification that I’ve done something right by the vise.

But with that I don’t say that I find it boring standing by the lake and the fish pulling the line from the spool is a rainbow trout with a Woolly Bugger in its mouth. The fact that he hasn’t spent his entire life in the lake doesn’t have to mean he hasn’t planned to stay there.

This limited need for imitative flies doesn’t inflict much on what I do by the vise though. Less immediate need for them doesn’t mean I still can’t tie and use them. Maybe it’s this tying outside the box of needed patterns that has caused my interest in tying outside the flybox all together. I challenge myself tying regular patterns on hooks smaller than I would ever fish myself and I tie flies which only have one purpose… to make people laugh. I’m a man of humour and my motto is: “What’s the point in being serious if the situation doesn’t require it?”

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