Steven Wascher

tenor as a fly tyer

I began my tenor as a fly tyer at the age of 6. I was mentored by my father, who in turn had been taught by his mother. Dad taught me the basic rudiments of tying, this I in turn applied to the various streamers and Catskill dries

When I was 12, I witnessed one of the most unique tying adventures I’d ever seen. On this particular night, my father fashioned a very crude, yet beautiful Henshaw Bug. The process he used to spin the hair sent my young mind into a state of tying hyper drive. I immediately wanted to learn and master the art of spinning deer hair from that point forward.

While spinning deer hair has always been a passion, I am very well versed in tying a myriad of different patterns and styles. I tie a wide range of patterns, ranging from midges to huge musky patterns. I also delve in tube flies and Spey and Dee flies.

While my fly tying education has taken me to many unique arena’s, the adventure isn’t complete until I give credit to some of the greats I have been taught by and had the great pleasure of calling friends. Chris Helm, Mike Martinek, Jr., David Brant, and Jay “Fishy” Fullum are a few of todays greats who I have had the great pleasure of learning this unique artful craft!

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